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The phenomenon of people changing their physical ethnic traits.

Ms Banya, who is of Zimbabwean heritage but grew up in the UK, met her husband Paul nine years ago and the couple live together with their month-old daughter Avalyn. For her, dating and marrying a white man was her ideal preference although she admits she would date men of other races. Ms Banya, from Melbourne, said she was attracted to men who were the complete physical opposite of herself.

Rudo Banya said she was attracted to her husband because he was the polar opposite of her physically. She also admits she does connect better with caucasian men in terms of interests and other values.

SBS Insight explores inter-racial dating and cross cultural love

The year-old also said growing up in the UK and going to a private school with predominantly white people did shape her outlook. She said some people thought her preference to date outside her own race was a little odd, but her own family supported her decision. Rudo and Paul with their month-old daughter Avalyn. Rudo and Paul on their wedding day with Avalyn.

The Melbourne couple got engaged after three months of chatting online, and he proposed before they even met in person.

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