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These sites, along with dozens of other smaller ones, allow you to post a profile of yourself and view the profiles of others. There is no attempt to verify the information someone posts -- something the sites are generally upfront about. The site has investigators whose job it is to read and approve every profile before it's posted, and there are checks for stolen credit cards.

But the site is forthright about the fact that it does not conduct background checks, Traub said. It also attempts to educate its subscribers by plastering the site with cautions like "don't wire money to anyone" and "once you go off-site, Match. Every online dating site has its own ways of letting people's relationships develop -- instant message, texting, ways to exchange more photos.

It often progresses to off-site emailing and in-person meets, in which the site has no role. You see them all over -- Facebook, everywhere. There used to be mail scams. Jeffrey Norton, the lead attorney in the suit filed against Match. One popular scam, Norton said, is that a man will pose as someone from a woman's hometown who is temporarily working on a government contract in Nigeria. An email relationship progresses, Norton said, and the woman eagerly awaits the man's return home. The woman obliges and loans him the money, only to learn later that she fell for an online scam.

The site posts photos of the scam artists, who are both male and female. Sluppick said she believes the toll is higher than the millions of dollars her members have lost, calling online dating scams "one of the most under-reported crimes out there. See our slideshow below for 10 tips from the Better Business Bureau to avoid getting ripped off in an online dating scam.

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Ironic Echo, or why you shouldn't be mean on dating sites : ProRevenge

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Ironic Echo, or why you shouldn't be mean on dating sites self. This story may be unique in the fact that it finished literally a day ago, but had a lead up of several months. Names have been changed to stereotypically appropriate ones. Two years ago, I met a guy, Hans, during a holiday in Europe. He's the prototype of the 'arian' german, blonde hair, blue eyes, taller than me I barely touch the 2 meters and so on, but has struggled with being overweight for most of his life imagine notorious BIG big.

Online Dating Translations: What Guys And Girls Are Actually Saying In Their Profiles

Had little success with girls because of it. He's a fun guy, spirited, graduated as a chemist with the highest honours or so I hear , etc. Ever since our meeting, we've been friends, shared stories, played games and kept contact, even though we were in completely different countries at the time. One of the stories he told me during our conversations is that he tried online dating. He met this one German girl, Helga, online, who, despite his physical appearance, seemed nice and genuine. She was blonde, perky, pretty and interested.

He met up with her a couple of times, took her on dinner dates like a gent, the whole shebang. All seemed well until one day he wanted to kiss her and she 'recoiled'.

By his account, she was suddenly cold and mean to him, despite being friendly before. When he asked if she liked him, the verbatim online reply was 'Ugh, you're so ugly, how could I? This crushed 'm and that was the end of his online dating days. We'd still hang out, but the experience put a big damper on him. That sentence came up in chats a lot. About three months ago, he moved back to Germany, having finished his chemist degree.

Me and a couple of other friends all came together to his town and went to a local bar. The first night we couldn't even spot him in the bar until he approached us. While not model-fit, the guy lost a ton of weight and was sporting some serious musculature. He said he'd been working out during his time abroad because he was tired of being ridiculed.

Cue increased confidence, more girl attention, etc. Cheering, lots of beer and bad card games were had. Couple of nights later we go to the same bar, for some of us it's the last night in this quaint town, so we drink some more and unsuccessfully hit on many girls at the bar.

Hans' doing fine though, getting eyed up and even chatted up sometimes. At some point he comes back to the table with shock on his face. After explaining to a few of us what he was talking about, we get the picture: They've been checking Hans out tonight, and Helga doesn't seem to recognize him, and was apparently even eyeing him up. We wouldn't be friends if we didn't start to poke him to pay her back for what she did to him we were in a mean mood, and from what we heard, she was basically Satan. A good number of beers later we do a little recon and hush out the details.

About five girls, all good looking, have a direct view of our table and are obviously staring at the german giant sitting at it not that the rest of us were ugly, it's hard to compete with a mix of Dolph Lundgren and a viking. Hans is now more pliable to our peer pressure, so we just push 'm to say exactly what he thinks to her. He liked the look of one of the other girls in the group, lets call her Anna, the most, so that's who he goes to chat up, two pulls of beer in hand and slightly tipsy. He's standing in the middle of the girl group, making jokes, being his usual self and before long, has them in stitches.

We're watching this happening from our table, just close enough to be able to overhear the gist of the conversation in what is now a late evening bar. Helga is obviously interested and is all over 'm, still having no idea who he is.

Anna didn't stand much of a chance either, so he's the life of the party. Still seems uncomfortable every time he looks at Helga. When it's time to go, it's clear Anna and Helga are both pining for him and fighting for his attention. We're standing nearby, chatting with the rest of the hen club, but obviously paying attention to the transpiring events. Anna clearly holds Hans' favour and Helga, after being ignored for too long, pouts and goes:. The bar's quieter since it's almost closing time, so we all hear this. Hans stops talking to Anna, turns around to look at Helga and, slightly swaying, angrily responds:.

Both Helga and Anna are looking at him like 'WTF', until he catches his breath, calms down, and says the following in the most sneering sarcastic tone I have ever heard from the guy:. Anna, still not sure what's going on, grabs him by the arm and they walk out of the bar, followed by the rest of the girls and us.

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Helga is left standing there, eyes the size of teacups. I'm not sure if she remembered it at the time or was simply shocked by just being yelled at by a guy twice her size. Outside, Hans is crying manly tears, Anna is sitting on him trying to comfort him and the rest of the girls are all around him, presumably providing moral support.

He tells them why he said what he did a short version and all we hear is 'oh you poor thing' in german. We're containing the 'oh shit' reaction, trying not to either laugh or cheer for Hans. Finally Helga, recuperated from her shock, comes out of the bar, and is now faced with some absolutely disgusted stares from her own girlfriends, and a maniacally grinning group of guys us. You can see the seething hate in how she could have turned down this hunk and hurt him so much. She tries to go to Hans to presumably apologize, but can't even get close to him as the girls protect him like he's their cub.

She leaves, presumably crying or mad. Hans finally composes himself and says he wants to go home, but Anna is having none of it and basically drags him over to her place, supported by the other girls. We say our goodbyes and part ways, as do the girls, leaving Hans and Anna to themselves. I don't know what happened that night. What I do know is that he still lives there, is working as a chemist for a large company, is happily dating Anna and that Helga has been permanently removed from that girl club since that night.

From what Hans told us, Anna chewed out Helga so badly that she had no friends left on the campus the girls mentioned are all students there. Yesterday I received a call from Hans telling me he's planning to move in with Anna. According to him, he knows Anna is the girl because Helga somehow found his number and sent him a text to apologise for what she did. He showed Anna and she replied: Hans certainly did score points by adhering to the two core rules.

This may sound odd, but I'm not sure what the reaction would have been had he not lost weight. That's not the part I was talking about. He was blessed with natural good looks and height. Easier for him to pull women.

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While that all does help I think the confidence of feeling good about himself is the important thing. Wish that's how it worked for me. Getting fit means working out and trying to gain weight for me. Both of those things tend to cause breakouts like crazy. I am german, live in Germany. I know basically no girl that likes guys shorter than her here, and german girls are generally taller than american ones.

I myself am 5"9, what is average here I think. So short guys unfortunately have it very hard here except when they look like Channing Tatum in short. Idk, I don really cread, I dated two guys who were smaller than me. Both were huge assholes who had massie ego problems.. But to deal with that shit is still not the job if the GF and after that 3rd guy ran away to some other girl he had on the side I just said to myself that I would be rather careful with the next small guy. Not categorically ignoring them but look careful whether those guys think its my job to fix their ego or whether they erroneously think a girlfriend and sex and love would be the therapy to ego issues..

My SO is socially awkward and I dont care.

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He is insecure about his body, I am about mine but none of us expect the other to fix what isnt ours to fix. I dont want to be the asshole but those experiences made me think twice But if you are a "normal" person that doenst make your mental health the job of your partner I dont see why people should have problem dating small men. Damn, embarrassment and losing out on a hunk. That's basic bitch burn right there. After I heard just how massive the extent of the fallout for her was, I do feel bad for Helga.

One mistake cost her most of her friends. But on the other hand Yeah, it's pretty easy to just say "I'm not attracted to you" instead of calling someone ugly.

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  6. This is what got me. A simple, "Sorry, you're not my type" at the very beginning would have been understandable. Getting him to pay for her shit over and over was an asshole move. This isn't one mistake coming back to haunt her, this is who she is as a person. The girl group probably had a gut feeling about her and that event just led them to dump her out with good reason to do so. Basic human decency should not be that hard. If you wanna get laid, be nice". Don't feel bad for Helga.

    Had she treated him like a human being with feelings in the first place this wouldn't of happened. It's not "one mistake.